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Aiming at the Adidas, Nike and dema depend on what industry giants compete?

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In sports shoes and apparel market, for a long time are Nike and Adidas two dominant, but in recent years, dema (armour) to the attitude very rapid D-Will, high-speed development, distinctive professional and scientific brand personality, attracting a large number of professional athletes and sports fans in the crowd. How from a small business, by differences of strategy development grow, and ultimately with industry giants compete? See dema how to do all this.
When Stephen curry in the NBA light shine, his feet the dema (armour), like his incredible ball as D-Will.
Mention garment industry, a lot of people will not consciously frown, this is a giant forest, fierce competition, product homogeneity serious industry. It is in such a difficult environment, Ann dema through 20 years of development, is now the world's hottest brand shoes and apparel.

For a long time, the sales amount of safety and security has maintained a rapid growth. According to research firm FactSet data show that since the fourth quarter of 2005 IPO, Andemar only two quarters did not reach more than 10%.
Throughout the fiscal year 2015, total revenue of $3 billion 963 million 300 thousand Andemar, up close to 30% over the previous year. The popularity of products, let the became the American market of the second largest sports shoes and apparel business, beyond the perennial ranked second in the Adidas, Nike.
The first quarter of 2016, revenues increased dema level further, single quarter surged 30% to $1 billion 50 million. Benefit from the outstanding performance of the star striker Stephen curry, its footwear products income compared to the same period last year, an increase of 64%, the data in today's sports shoes and apparel industry to stunning.
Compared with Nike and Adidas throughout the global business tentacles, Ann dema completely rely on the market, until now still that only the United States, including China, international market basic has not really force. This means that its future expansion opportunities for profit is still very much.
At present, Wall Street has given its industry the highest 40 times earnings valuation, far more than Nike's 24 times, Adidas's 30 times. This shows that analysts are optimistic about their future success of the market expansion, as well as revenue growth of the level of rapid growth.

Fortune origin: push + subdivision

The dema family history, "broken down" is one of the most crucial factor.
Plank Kevin, the founder of the company, was an American football player. He did not have a brilliant record in his unsuccessful sporting career. But he found that for athletes, the traditional cotton clothing sweat easily, but it is very difficult to dry, which makes a lot of people have a headache, but do not know how to solve.
So he put himself a breathable shorts the ingredients label had been torn down, in a fabric shop to buy the same texture of fabric, and to find a manufacturer in the garment district of New York City, spend $460 sewing the seven samples sent to teammates, welcomed the results greatly.
A business just started. In the first few years of an dema products very attention, mainly produced air good, strong ability to sweat of man-made fibres, tights, this product is very suitable for muscular, easy sweating athletes.
For startups, there is no enough marketing budget to sign a famous star. So Plank to take the approach is to actively carry out the "push" marketing. From hot, athletes more sweaty area, each captured around the famous professional sports teams and gain influence, dema so at the beginning of the business foothold.

Nike, Adidas competition and the difference of

In the sporting goods market, all enterprises are faced with the seemingly never climb over the mountain: Nike, Adidas. In the dema before, the two companies haven't encountered strong competitors.
And Andemar confrontation between the two giants of the early means, is a single product detonated + differentiation competition.
Andemar was set up in 1996, but it was not until 2010 that he began to truly achieve the explosive growth. Before that, they did their best to do one of the most important things: to do a strong suction sweat breathable performance of the T-shirt products.
From the moment of this enterprise, it is specialized in the production of equipment for professional athletes, rather than the "clothing", which makes it natural to have a strong professional product and brand positioning. Then focused on the manufacture of breathable tight T-shirt, but also a good continuation of this idea.
Plank did not rush to will its products through mass marketing to sell to the general public, but the choice of cultivating professional sports channel, especially in the American football and professional fitness field. In these two areas, Andemar has established a strong brand awareness.
So that there are users commented that, as long as entering the gym, can see the basic services are Andemar brand.
Expansion of rugby players and professional bodybuilders muscle, perfect shape and lines, let the dema T-shirt products seem to have a "magic, can allow the wearer to have more professional athletic ability, and more stick figure.
And at this time, Nike, Adidas, are more likely to make the movement of products become more fashionable, all printed T-shirts, thin leg pants, basketball shoes, skateboard shoes, consciously or unconsciously, and with the tide, youth fashion and sexy beauty.
Adidas even specialized fashion brand clover and Y-3, Nike will also be its brand converse (converse) from a professional basketball shoes and apparel brand, the transformation into a rich street style fashion brands.
Detached from the movement category, although you can let Nike and Adidas harvest more market space and a wider range of target customers, but also inevitably weakened the own "genes", which is just to the dema derailing opportunities: there are always people desire for professional sports products, and focus more on the spirit of sports.

Science and technology enterprises rather than clothing enterprises

Differentiation of the means to achieve not only from the brand of professional shaping, but also from a sense of science and technology products, so that it is directly defined by Andemar as a technology company, rather than pure sports products companies.
Want to make the T-shirt and shoes to get better absorption of sweat and air permeability, its fabric must take the main chemical fiber material. But after the fabric industry, chemical fiber products, although lightweight, but often in the thickness, softness, anti-static and other indicators, it is difficult to form a dominant coexistence. They are either too thick or soft enough to produce static electricity.
But dema by long-term, dedicated R & D cooperation, let the chemical fiber fabrics in wearing experience obtained great progress, its products are breathable, thin and light, and there is no static electricity generation, is very suitable as tights close to the skin surface.
The classic, the use of innovative fabrics products include "HeatGear thermal equipment", and "coldgear cold equipment, light fabric, without burdensome sense to rapid evaporation of sweat, so that movement in the hot state of movement, but also to keep the body dry light.
The fabric products, although not an original dema manufacturing, but is it by focusing on the needs of users, to take from consumer demand backstepping raw materials for the production of business philosophy, intervention of raw materials research and development sectors, really adapt to the specific product requirements of specific consumers, to win the consumers favor and professional, scientific cognition.
Scientific and technological product positioning, and truly from the consumer demand, it is the future of C2B business model is the most clear portrayal.
On the other hand the dema technology, since the beginning of 2013, began to enter the field of science and technology fierce movement. In November 2013 had to $1.5 billion acquisition of digital fitness technology company mapmyfitness, early 2015 and spend $5.6 billion acquired two fitness application developers myfitnesspal and Endomondo, which enter the food, nutrition and fitness tracking, and fitness app application market in Europe.
Through this acquisition, Ann dema successful beyond Nike, become the world's largest digital exercise application + community enterprise. Through the user in the exercise of the massive data uploaded, an analysis of large data security, to further clarify the needs of users in motion, so as to adapt to the R & D and production.
At the same time, these APP applications can better guide the user, to carry out more professional sports training. MapMyFitness co-founder Kevin Callahan (Callahan Kevin) said, we know when you exercise, and how to exercise. For companies like Andemar, they're interested in it. They integrate many of our data, will help them sell sports equipment, Andemar also can use this information to help users better exercise, become a better athlete".
In the world's largest sports science community platform, but also to including the introduction of professional diet and exercise, sports tourism, and other numerous personalized services and products, will write to pay strong product revenue capacity as support. In the next step by step unfolding.
From a breathable T-shirt started, all the way to the world's most professional, sense of science and technology of garment enterprises, and realize the explosive growth, Ann dema truly "take the unusual way, textbook for Chinese enterprises pointed out a subdivision cut, professional, scientific, technological development, fresh Madden. It's development process, to each industry enterprise, has the very strong practical guiding significance.

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